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Hey! We’re Lindsay (NY) and Grayson (TX), thanks so much for checking us out and welcome to Long Distance Lover!

Our LDR Journey

We met online, what seems like a lifetime ago, in a popular web development bootcamp and community. Our relationship started out on the class discussion boards where we were both having the same problem with our project website’s responsiveness. We ended up helping each other figure out the solution.

It was a content and container issue… if you know, you know!

From this point it wasn’t long before we were really getting to know each other and building a connection, which eventually turned into a long distance relationship.

For over two years there were countless text messages, selfies, emails and video calls, countless weekend and three month long visits (plus an engagement!) before we committed to closing the distance.

It was hands down the best decision we ever made.

Of course during that time we had our struggles, but overcoming them is what helped us create a positive and loving relationship.

With everything we had learned about ourselves and our relationship during this time, we wanted to help other long distance couples any way we could.

Answering long distance related questions on Quora and Reddit helped us scratch this itch.

But we never thought we would start a website.

During our time apart we were looking for advice and came across Livius, who started Long Distance Lover. How he approached long distance relationships really resonated with us and helped us get through some tough times.

We found out he was winding down the website to pursue other projects and thought this could be a great opportunity for us to not only to help the LDR community in our own way, but to also keep Livius’ articles available.

His advice had a profound effect on our relationship, and it deserves the opportunity to continue to positively impact how other couples navigate the distance.

Now here we are!

As the website rebuild continues, we will be adding new content and rereleasing Livius’ best work.

If you have any questions, LDR topics you would like us to cover or are looking for some advice. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

Thank you so much for making it this far, we know it was a long read!

Lindsay, Grayson & Chester