22 Gifts for Long Distance Relationships to Feel Close From Afar

Find the perfect long distance relationship gifts for your partner in this ultimate guide covering everything from gadgets, toys, jewelry, and DIY options.

by Lindsay | Updated on February 6, 2023
long distance relationship gifts

Gifts are important in any relationship, but when it comes to long distance relationship gifts, they are on another level.

And for good reason.

Since we don’t get a lot of time to be with each other, we want to make the most of any time we do have together, whether that’s on video chat or in person. 

It’s the same with gifts! Each gift holds a lot of weight and meaning, so we want to make sure it’s perfect. The right gift can help strengthen a relationship, sometimes even more than any words can say. 

Fun fact: Research has found that generosity is tied to a happier relationship, so you should never hesitate to surprise your partner with something to show them how much you care. When you put enough thought into it, you’re certain to check all the right boxes.  

We know how agonizing it can be to sift through hundreds of different gift options. So to help, we’ve put together some of our favorite long distance gift ideas that you will both enjoy.

Long Distance Gadgets & Tech Gifts

Friendship Lamps by FILIMIN

classic design long distance friendship lamps by filimin

Light up your partner’s life with Friendship Lamps by FILIMIN. These lamps communicate via WiFi across any distance, so when you touch your lamp, your partner’s will light up wherever it is in the world.

Their light will stay lit for as long as 24 hours (based on the settings you choose) or until they touch their lamp, which will light up yours. With more than 100 colors to choose from, you can create a custom code to share your emotions based on which color you send.

NOTE: FILIMIN has created multiple designs, like their wood based Mid-Century Modern option, to suit different room styles.

If your partner has limited space for a lamp or loves looking at photos, they may prefer the Long Distance Frame. They work the same as their Friendship Lamps while also holding a 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” photo. You can also either stand the frame on it’s own or hang it on a wall.

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Touch Bracelets by Bond Touch

touch bracelets by bond touch

Why just light up your partner’s room when you can virtually “touch” them? 

With the Touch Bracelets by Bond Touch, tapping your bracelet will make your partner’s bracelet vibrate and light up, letting them know you’re thinking about them. You can even create custom messages by using multiple taps, for example, three taps could mean, “I love you.”

Your partner probably crosses your mind dozens of times a day and you’ll want to let them know they’re always in your thoughts. We love that, even with continuous use, these bracelets will last up to 4 days from one charge. They are also waterproof, so there’s no need to take it off while showering or swimming. 

If you or your partner would prefer a color other than the included black band, you can pick from stylish options like:

Spinning Heart Messenger by LoveBox

lovebox messenger

Sometimes, sending a text just doesn’t do your words justice. Wrap up special messages like a gift with the Spinning Heart Messenger by LoveBox

When you send messages to the box using the LoveBox smartphone app, the heart on the front of the box spins (like a physical notification) until the recipient opens the lid to read the message.

We’re big fans of the story behind this beautiful gift, which was invented by Jean Gregoire before he left his fiancee in France to study at MIT in America. 

Sex Gifts for Long Distance Relationships

Max 2 & Nora by Lovense

max 2 and nora by lovense

One of the hardest things about being apart is maintaining intimacy. With Max 2 & Nora by Lovense, you can be intimate in ways you never imagined, no matter how far apart you are!

Nora is a rabbit vibrator with a rotating head and a vibrating arm, while Max 2 is a male stroker that provides 360-degree contractions. 

These high-tech devices connect to each other via the Lovense Remote App, which allows the speed and intensity of one toy to control how the other moves. It’s the closest experience you can have to sex when you can’t be together in person. 

If you are a part of the LGBTQ+ community, you’ll be glad to know that Lovense has made it possible for two Max 2’s or two Nora’s to connect to and control one another.

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Sync by We-Vibe

sync by we-vibe

Are you looking for a sex toy that your significant other can enjoy whether you’re together or apart? Your partner can use Sync by We-Vibe by themselves, with you controlling the device remotely, or when you’re together. 

With 10 vibration modes to choose from and an adjustable fit, this G-spot vibrator is a satisfying choice for just about anybody. It’s also waterproof and has a whisper-quiet motor so it can be worn almost anywhere, including the bath or discreetly in public. 

The Sync lasts for up to 90 minutes on a single charge, so you’ll never have to worry about it dying mid-way through the fun. 

Intimate Confessions Card Game by LoveHoney

kinky confessions card game

Looking for a fun way to get to know what your partner likes in the bedroom? Check out the Intimate Confessions Card Game by LoveHoney

You can learn more about each other and have fun doing it.  With 52 cards containing questions like:

When you’re together, you can even pull a card or two to start off your evening fun. When you’re apart, use the cards to plan the fun you’ll have next time you get to see each other!

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Couples Long Distance Jewelry

Couples King & Queen Natural Stone Bracelets by Zone

couples king and queen long distance bracelets

Show the world your love for each other with these complementary Couples King & Queen Natural Stone Bracelets by Zone.

One bracelet is made from black lava rock and onyx stones with a black platinum micro pave crown, while the other is made from white howlite with a rose gold platinum micro pave crown. Without being identical, the bracelets match in a way that shows everybody you belong together.

There are six sizes to choose from, and the bracelets come in a lovely black leather pouch for safekeeping when you aren’t wearing them.

North Star Coordinates Necklace by Dohee Lee

North Star Coordinates Necklace by Dohee Lee

Honor a special location that’s close to your heart with the North Star Coordinates Necklace by Dohee Lee.

Whether it’s where you met, where one of you currently lives, or where you hope to live together one day, you can have the coordinates inscribed on this compass necklace. A personal message can also be included on the back (up to 20 characters).

For example: You could choose “I love and miss you”, which is 19 characters.

With a 17.5” chain and a pendant plated in silver, gold, or rose gold, this necklace will complement just about anybody’s style. 

Coordinates Rings by Kate Kim

coordinates rings by kate kim

Rings help to represent a bond that never ends, so why not show your commitment to your partner and your long distance relationship with these Coordinates Rings by Kate Kim.

This beautifully personal gift is available in sterling silver, rose gold, or 18k gold finishes. For those who prefer necklaces over rings, it looks good on a chain, too.

Kate Kim packages these rings in an elegant jewelry box, making it an ideal gift that can be shipped straight to your partner.

Bronze Custom Map Keychain by Charlotte Guptill

Bronze Custom Map Keychain by Charlotte Guptill

Celebrate a special location with the Bronze Custom Map Keychain by Charlotte Guptill. This keychain includes a small piece of a real map based on your chosen location; it is then covered in clear resin and secured to a bronze plate.

To make this gift even more personal, you can ask for an inscription on the back and can use up to 25 characters. 

Maine-based maker Charlotte Guptill was inspired by her love of sailing to incorporate nautical maps into her jewelry. We find the symbolism of a map is also perfect for long distance relationships.

Want more jewelry options? Here are our favorite bracelets, rings, necklaces and keychains for long distance couples.

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Him

Onyx+ by Kiiroo

onyx plus by kiiroo

 The ultimate relationship gift for him might be Onyx+ by Kiiroo, a powerful stroker that can be controlled via a mobile application. It has a quiet rotating motor that can generate up to 140 strokes per minute and can last up to an hour on a single charge. 

The stroking speed and intensity of the Onyx+ can be controlled directly via the touchpad on the device, or it can connect to the FeelConnect App via Bluetooth. This gives your partner the ability to control it remotely through the application or pair it with their own Kiiroo device including:

Want more options? Check out our article on the best automatic strokers for long distance couples.

Handmade MLB Game Used Baseball Bracelets by Ward Wallau

mlb baseball friendship bracelets

Is your partner a massive baseball fan? If so, they’re sure to love these Handmade MLB Game Used Baseball Bracelets by Ward Wallau. Made from wool unwound from the core of a game-used MLB baseball, these bracelets are available in the team colors of every Major League Baseball team. 

Included with each bracelet is an authentication card, so the gift recipient can find out which game the ball was used in. 

In addition to the baseball core wool, these friendship-style bracelets are made with a bamboo cord and a silver-plated brass charm in the shape of a baseball. 

Kind Notes


Do you love the way your partner’s face lights up every time they read a card or note from you? With Kind Notes, you can send them a jar filled with 31 love notes in themed envelopes and light up their face every day for a month. 

You can request blank paper to write your own notes, or you can opt to have the top-selling messages in a category sent to your partner. In the “love” category, messages include things like:

Long Distance Relationship Gifts For Her

Lush 2 by Lovense

lush 2 by lovense

For one of the most powerful wearable vibrators available today, look no further than Lush 2 by Lovense!

Four times more powerful than most other remote control vibrators, the Lush 2 can last up to 3 hours on one charge. It’s also whisper quiet despite the powerful motor, making it perfect for discreet fun. 

Lush 2 has the added bonus of connecting to the Lovense Remote app, so it can be controlled by your partner from anywhere in the world.

Heartbeat Speaker by Little Riot

hearbeat speaker by little riot

Do you have a hard time falling asleep when your partner is on your mind? You both might be able to sleep better with the Heartbeat Speaker by Little Riot

Each of you wears a wristband that measures your pulse, then you place a speaker under your pillow, which uses a low tone to transmit your partner’s heartbeat.

It’s important to note that the speaker attaches to your phone through the headphone jack. If you have a newer phone model without a headphone jack, you’ll need an adaptor.

LDR Watch by Kitman Keung

ldr watch by kitman kung

When you’re more than a couple of time zones apart, you can spend a lot of mental effort trying to figure out what time it is where your partner lives. Save your brain in a beautiful way with the LDR Watch by Kitman Keung.

Perfect for everyday use but also elegant enough for formal occasions, the LDR Watch is a luxurious dual time zone display.. Now, you can see what time it is where your partner is with just a glance. 

There are several styles to choose from, making this an excellent gift that will pair seamlessly with any style. 

Long Distance Relationship Cards

Long Distance Love Cards 3 Pack by Love Pop Cards

long distance relationship cards by lovepop

If your partner’s love language is “words of affirmation,” they’ll certainly appreciate receiving one of the Long Distance Love Cards 3 Pack by Love Pop Cards with a heartfelt message written inside. Since it comes with 3 cards, you’ll always have one handy.

These pop-up cards are so beautiful when opened that your partner will likely want to keep the card open on display where they can see the pop-up alongside your words.

How I Spend My Day LDR Card by Annika

ldr card by annika

Sometimes, a pie chart says it best. Show how much you miss your significant other with the How I Spend My Day LDR Card by Annika.

With a pie chart showing how much time you spend missing your partner in relation to other daily activities on one side and blank on the other, this postcard says just what you need it to.

For an additional fee, Annika will write your personalized message and mail the card directly to your significant other, which is perfect if you have terrible handwriting or want less risk of the card being lost in the mail.

Personalized State to State LDR Card by Flipside Designs

personalizes state to state LDR cards

Just want a simple way to say, “I miss you”? Say just that with the Personalized State to State LDR Card by Flipside Designs.

On the front of the card is a cutout of each of your states or countries with a heart for each of your locations; showing underneath the cutout is a dotted line connecting the cities. 

You have the opportunity to write a personal message on the inside of the card because it‘s blank. For a small extra fee, they’ll also include a picture of the two of you inside the envelope. 

DIY Long Distance Relationship Gifts

DIY Friendship Lamps by Patrick Blesi

diy friendship lamps by patrick blesi

If you love the idea of friendship lamps and also know your way around a soldering iron, you can make them yourself with these plans for DIY Friendship Lamps by Patrick Blesi.

With a few basic components, you can create connected friendship lamps, where one lamp will turn on or change colors after touching the other. Your partner will definitely appreciate that you made the extra effort to create and personalize them yourself.

Long Distance Care Package Gifts

long distance care packages

Fact: Everybody enjoys receiving personalized gifts, so why not put together a care package? For tips on what to include and different themes, check out this article on long distance care package ideas.

Here are a few things to consider when putting one together:

Open When Letters

open when letters

You can’t always be there for your partner when you live apart, but you can ensure that your reassuring voice is there whenever they need it. Creating Open When Letters is a fun way to make sure your partner always has the right message from you for any situation.

Examples of Open When Letters include things like:

You can make a bunch, then send them all to your partner to open when the time is right. 

You’re Up! 

We hope some of our favorite gifts for long distance couples have made it onto your shortlist.

Here are some final tips that will help you narrow down which would be the best options:

Good luck!

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