Long Distance Jewelry: The Best Bracelets, Rings & Necklaces

From necklaces and bracelets to rings and keychains, check out our favorite long distance jewelry, including tech, fashion and customizable options.

by Lindsay & Grayson | Updated on July 31, 2022
long distance jewelry

Whether it’s for an anniversary, birthday, a holiday like Valentine’s Day or “just because”, long distance jewelry makes an ideal gift for any occasion.

Bracelets, necklaces, and rings not only look amazing, but they can also hold sentimental value and act as important reminders. For long distance couples, they help to celebrate the commitment and sacrifices you have made for each other. 

Long distance themed jewelry also comes in many materials and is highly customizable. Personalization options like engraving your names or initials, special dates, star signs, and even coordinates can take an ordinary piece and turn it into a one of a kind gift.

With so many different choices and customization options available, finding the right piece can be exhausting. To help you, we’ve put together a list of our favorite bracelets, necklaces, rings, and keychains that are perfect for long distance couples. 

The Best Long Distance Jewelry for Couples in 2024

Long Distance Touch Bracelets

Bond Touch Vibrating Couples Bracelets

Vibrating Bracelet For Couples by Bond Touch

We’ve all had those days where we would give just about anything to feel our partner’s touch. Now you can with the Vibrating Couples Bracelets from Bond Touch!

These bracelets use Bluetooth to connect via the Bond Touch mobile app. When one of you taps your bracelet, the other will vibrate and light up no matter how far apart you are.

They’re a sweet and subtle way to let your partner know that you’re thinking about them. You can also create custom “tap” messages for each other to communicate with. 

We love that you can upgrade to different band colors and styles, so each bracelet can match with the wearer’s style and personality. Our favorites include:

TALSAM Smart Bracelets

TALSAM smart bracelets

Are you looking for stylish wearable technology? If so, you’re sure to love TALSAM Smart Bracelets.

The formal design incorporates top of the line technology with precious metals and materials to create a high-end fashion statement.

Each piece has six Swarovski crystals that form the Lyra star constellation. You can then choose the stone finish and metal housing combination that best suits you or your partner’s style. They include:

To give you multiple wearing options, you receive both bracelet, and necklace-length chains.

When it comes to sending message, it’s super easy with the mobile application, which will make your partner’s bracelet vibrate and the crystals will light up.

For peace of mind, the team at TALSAM included secure messaging within the mobile application. You also have the option to send secret messages that can only be accessed with the charm, a password, fingerprint, or retina scan. 

Long Distance Relationship Necklaces

Under The Same Moon Pendant by Kathy Bransfield

Under The Same Moon Pendant by Kathy Bransfield

No matter how far apart you are, you’ll always be standing under the same moon. Keep that sentiment close to your heart with the Under The Same Moon Pendant by Kathy Bransfield.

“No matter the distance that divides us…we are always looking at the same moon.”

This beautiful quote, which relates perfectly to long distance couples, is imprinted on a round sterling silver pendant. Partly covering that is a 22-karat gold-plated brass overlay of stars with a crescent moon shape cut out to reveal the silver pendant underneath. 

North Star Coordinates Necklace by Dohee Lee

North Star Coordinates Necklace by Dohee Lee

When you can’t be with your partner, you can keep their location close to your heart with the North Star Coordinates Necklace by Dohee Lee.

This coin-sized pendant necklace is available in gold, rose gold, and silver finishes and can be inscribed with GPS coordinates or any 20 character message. Dohee Lee has also made it possible to have a special message inscribed on the back.

If home is where the heart is, the compass point charm on the pendant will always show you the way home to your partner’s arms. 

US States Necklaces by Ivy Presho

Long Distance Necklaces by Ivy Presho

Make the distance feel that much smaller with a necklace that represents the love between both of your locations. With the US States Necklaces by Ivy Presho, you get a pendant with the shape of one state (or country) cut out of another one.

Engraving on one side of the pendant is available, and you can choose from several different fonts, making it a truly custom piece. 

We appreciate that Ivy has made these necklaces in multiple metal finishes (silver, gold plated, or rose gold plated) as well as being able to choose whether the pendant comes without a chain, on a keychain, or on a 16”, 18”, or 20” necklace. 

Long Distance Relationship Bracelets

Zodiac Constellation Cuff Bracelets by Amy Waltz

Zodiac Constellation Cuff Bracelets by Amy Waltz

If your partner relates strongly to their zodiac sign, they’re sure to love the Zodiac Constellation Cuff Bracelets by Amy Waltz. These sterling silver bracelets have each zodiac’s star constellation punched into the metal using dots and five-point stars.

These bracelets look great when stacked together, so you could easily get two, one representing each of your signs. They are also slightly flexible, so you can comfortably adjust them to fit your wrists.

With a simple design that’s neither too masculine or feminine and can be dressed up or down, these bracelets will complement most styles. 

King & Queen Natural Stone Bracelets by Zone

King & Queen Natural Stone Bracelets by Zone

Are you looking for complementary, rather than identical, bracelets for your partner and yourself? You get just that with the King & Queen Natural Stone Bracelets by Zone

One bracelet is a combination of lava rock and onyx stones with a black platinum micro pave crown, while the other has white howlite stones with a rose gold platinum micro pave crown.

With sizes from 6.5” to 9” on a strong silicone stretch cord, you’re sure to find a comfortable fit for both of you.

One final feature we think is a nice touch is the included black leather pouch the bracelets come in. 

Custom Date & Initials Couples Bracelets by Mikado Jewels

Custom Date & Initial Bracelets by Mika Do

For those looking for matching bracelets you can customize, we recommend the Custom Date & Initials Couples Bracelets by Mikado Jewels.

These bracelets have black leather straps in sizes ranging from 6” to 8.5”, a stainless steel lobster clasp, and an aluminum metal plaque.

The plaque is hand-stamped with your initials and a date that’s important to your relationship. 

Long Distance Relationship Rings

Coordinates Rings by Kate Kim

Coordinates Rings by Kate Kim

Keep your partner’s location close with a Coordinates Ring by Kate Kim. Available in 18k gold, rose gold, and silver finishes, these rings look equally good on a finger or worn as a necklace.  

If you’d prefer something other than coordinates. Kate Kim has made it possible to instead choose an important date in Roman numerals or another short message.

With a wide range of ring sizes (from 3.5 to 13), combined with the customizations available, these rings are a perfect unique gift.

Personalized Wrap Ring by Silver More

Personalized Wrap Ring by Silver More

With 10 characters each on the top and bottom, the Personalized Wrap Ring by Silver More allows you to pick the perfect message for your partner.

Need inspiration? You could choose your partner’s name or location coordinates, a special date with both of your initials, or Roman numerals. Other special characters that are available include a plus (+), period (.), dot, heart shape, or degree symbol. 

These delicate-looking rings are available in gold, rose gold, or 100% sterling silver finishes and come in sizes from 3 to 11. 

Lock & Key Couples Promise Rings by Eugene Tan

Lock & Key Couples Promise Rings by Eugene Tan

Show your commitment to your significant other with the Lock & Key Couples Promise Rings by Eugene Tan.

The key shape on the smaller ring fits perfectly into the lock shape on the larger ring, representing that you’re a perfect match and are committed to one another, despite the distance. 

While these rings are made from sterling silver, gold and rose gold plating is also available and they come in a range of sizes. Eugene has also included half sizes, to help you find the perfect fit and style match.

Long Distance Relationship Keychains

Bronze Custom Map Keychain by Charlotte Guptill

Bronze Custom Map Keychain by Charlotte Guptill

Where is your partner’s favorite place in the world? It could be your location, the place you met, where you had your first date, or where you hope to settle down together.

Give them a piece of that place, wherever they go, with the Bronze Custom Map Keychain by Charlotte Guptill.

It incorporates a piece of a map, which is covered in clear resin and secured to a brass plate. Charlotte gives you the option to engrave a special message on the back (up to 25 characters). It is then attached to a key ring plus a piece of bungee cord giving it a nomadic look and feel

His & Hers Keychains by Black Wolf Designs

His & Hers Keychains by Black Wolf Designs

If you or your partner aren’t that into jewelry but want something to carry with you every day to remind you of your commitment to each other, these Hand Stamped His & Hers Keychains by Black Wolf Designs are the perfect matching accessory. 

Both stainless steel keychains have a bar, which includes the date of your choice hand stamped into it. For your initials, one keychain includes a round disc, while the other is heart-shaped.

Personalized US State Couples Keychains by Lonely Moose

Personalized US State Couples Long Distance Keychains by Lonely Moose

Bridge the gap between you with these gorgeous Personalized US State Couples Keychains by Lonely Moose

“I love you more than the miles between us.”

Each stainless steel key ring includes a rectangular aluminum tag with the beautiful LDR quote above, or you can include a custom message up to 12 words long. The second aluminum tag is in the shape of a state or country with a heart punched out in the city where you or your partner lives and a dotted trail to connect the two cities. 

Our Favorite Jewelry For Long Distance Relationships 

vibrating touch bracelets by Bond Touch

While a single piece of jewelry can make an excellent gift, when it comes to long distance couples, we prefer options that you can both enjoy.

We also truly believe that when you can’t be together, technology has an unmatched ability to strengthen a couple’s bond.

That’s why our favorite pieces of long distance jewelry are the Couples Bracelets by Bond Touch.

To us, something that effortlessly combines technology with a stylish accessory you can wear every day and helps keep you connected should almost be a ‘no brainer’ for long distance couples.

You’re Up! 

No matter which piece of long distance jewelry has caught your eye, here are some tips to ensure you find the perfect piece for your partner:

Good luck!

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