Long Distance Lamps: 7 Easiest Options to Setup & Use in 2024

Looking for wifi & touch enabled long distance lamps but are unsure if they actually work? Check out our comparison of the 7 best options available today!

by Lindsay | Updated on February 6, 2023

The Best Long Distance Lamps

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Touch Lamps by FriendLamps

long distance lamps

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Touch Lamps by FILIMIN

mid-century design long distance touch lamps by filimin
  • Industry pioneers
  • Multiple lamp designs
  • Handmade in USA

Whether you’re going to sleep, just waking up, or in the middle of cooking dinner, long distance lamps are the perfect way to quite literally light up your partner’s life with a single touch. 

To us, they are a unique and sentimental way to show how much you love love each other, whenever you want and without words.

What Is a Long Distance Lamp?

Also known as long distance friendship or touch lamps, they are the perfect way to let your favorite person know that you’re thinking of them. When you touch your lamp, it signals the other connected lamp to light up no matter where it is in the world.

There are many lamps with different features to choose from. There are also some products that claim to be friendship lamps that you should stay well away from. To help, we’ve reviewed the best wi-fi and touch enabled options for connecting couples, friends and families.

The Best WiFi & Touch Enabled Long Distance Lamps in 2024

Long Distance Lamps by FriendLamps


With a wood base and acrylic enclosure that draws your attention to the alluring light, these Long Distance Touch Lamps by FriendLamps will fit perfectly with most decors.

You have the option to easily cycle through different colors to send to the other lamp. This can be a great way to arrange for specific colors to have different meanings between you and your partner, for example:

Friendship Lamp Color Code Ideas

When one of you touches your lamp, the other will glow then slowly fade over 30 minutes, so it’s OK if your partner doesn’t see it right away. This is also a great setting if you want your partner to come home to see the lamp lit, letting them know you’re thinking about them. 

If you and your loved one live on different continents, you’ll appreciate that these Friendship Lamps have a USB connection rather than a European or North American plug.

Key Details

Dimensions: 3.5″ L, 3.5″ W, 4.7″ H
Lamp: LED 
Light colors: Infinite
Materials: Wood, acrylic
Plug Type: USB
Wifi Connection: 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz
Warranty: 12 Months 

Mid-Century Modern Friendship Lamp by FILIMIN

Mid-Century Friendship Lamp by FILIMIN

With its minimalistic wood and aluminum design, the Mid-Century Modern Friendship Lamp by FILIMIN doesn’t look like any other friendship lamp out there. The interesting shape and spacing of the wood pieces gives the lighting a unique pattern. 

With 256 colors to choose from, you and your partner can each select the shade you feel best represents you. Or, you can send a Mid-Century Friendship Lamp to every member of your family, and each person can have their own unique color to help your family stay in touch.

We love that the LEDs in this lamp will last for over 40,000 hours, and FILIMIN backs up their products with a ‘forever warranty’. If the lights do eventually burn out, or for any other issue, FILIMIN will fix or replace your friendship lamp. 

Another aspect that sets FILIMIN products apart is that you can attach them directly to the router if you are having trouble connecting them through Wi-Fi. That’s especially handy for people who aren’t as tech-savvy.

Key Details

Dimensions: 5.5” L x 5.0” W x 5.25” H
Lamp: LED 
Light colors: 256
Materials: Wood, aluminum
Plug Type: North American 100-240V AC
Wifi Connection: 2.4Ghz 
Warranty: Forever Guarantee

Classic Friendship Lamp by FILIMIN

classic design long distance friendship lamps by filimin

Looking for the original ldr lamp? The Classic Friendship Lamp by FILIMIN was the first and remains one of the best friendship lamps available today.

You can set up the lamps to cycle through each color every time you touch them, or you and your significant other can each choose your favorite colors. Every time you tap your lamp, the other connected lamps will light up with that color.

Out of the box, the lamp color will fade out after an hour and a half, but you can change the settings to turn off anywhere between half an hour to 24 hours.

It’s important to note that all FILIMIN lamps work on a private 2.4 Ghz WiFi connection.

Key Details

Dimensions: 4.75″ L x 4.75″ W x 8″ H
Lamp: LED 
Light colors: 256
Materials: Acrylic 
Plug Type: North American 100-240V AC
Wifi Connection: 2.4Ghz 
Warranty: Forever Guarantee

Modern Friendship Lamp by FILIMIN

modern design long distance touch lamp by filimin lit up with blue color code

If you like sleek interior design, you’ll love the Modern Friendship Lamps by FILIMIN. A simple black frame combined with frosted acrylic creates a beautiful and minimalistic look.

If you and your partner have different tastes in decorating, you can pair the Modern Friendship Lamp with any other FILIMIN product. 

If you’re proud to buy American products, you’ll be happy to know that FILIMIN makes all their friendship lamps in Kansas. If you live outside the United States, it’s important to note that these products come with North American plugs, and may need an adaptor.

We love that you can buy these friendship lamps as a pre-paired set, with the lamps already connected to each other. So all you will have to do to enjoy the lamps is connect them to Wi-Fi.

You can even have your lamps paired before shipping them to separate places (when you order them separately).

Key Details

Dimensions: 4.72” L x 4.75” W x 8” H
Lamp: LED 
Light colors: 256
Materials: Acrylic 
Plug Type: North American 100-240V AC
Wifi Connection: 2.4Ghz
Warranty: Forever Guarantee

Long Distance Touch Frame by FILIMIN

long distance friendship frame by filimin

Combine the function of a friendship lamp with the addition of a photo with beautiful memories behind it, and you get the Long Distance Friendship Frame by FILIMIN.

This frame beautifully presents a 4” x 6” or 5” x 7” photo and lights up when your partner touches their connected FILIMIN Frame or Lamp. That’s right – if only one of you wants the Frame, you can connect it to any FILIMIN Lamp instead of another Frame! 

We love how versatile this frame is. It stands well on any flat surface, or it can be hung horizontally or vertically on your wall among other photos.

Key Details

Dimensions: 9″ L x 7.25″ W x 2.5″ H
Lamp: LED
Light colors: 256
Materials: Pine, glass
Plug Type: North American 100-240V AC
Wifi Connection: 2.4Ghz 
Warranty: Forever Guarantee

Eco-Friendly Long Distance Lamps by Tactus

tactus long distance touch lamps

With Long Distance Touch Lamps by Tactus, you can customize the design of the eco-friendly plywood housing! Pictures of custom lamps in the reviews include hearts, fern leaves, and Harry Potter house designs. 

Creating a uniquely designed Tactus Touch Lamp for your partner will make an amazing present. It can also be gift wrapped before it’s shipped!

Worldwide shipping is available, but it’s important to note that these lamps come from Ukraine and have European plugs. If you or your partner live in the United States, Canada, Japan, or anywhere else that doesn’t use European electric sockets, you will need to use a power adaptor.

Along with the Tactus Touch Lamps, you’ll also receive an easy-to-use remote control. With the remote, you can choose the color and brightness as well as one of four flashing modes: strobe, flash, fade, and smooth.

Key Details

Dimensions: 5.5” L x 5.5” W x 8.25” H
Lamp: LED 
Light colors: Infinite
Materials: Wood, acrylic
Plug Type: European 85V-265V
Wifi Connection: 2.4Ghz 
Warranty: 12 Months 

Friendship Table Lamps by Brookstone

brookstone friendship table lamp

While you can change the colors and patterns using the control on the lamp itself, one thing that’s great about the Friendship Table Lamp by Brookstone is that you can easily customize it with the FriendSync Lamp App. 

The application lets you pick from 4 light modes and 8 preset message modes, alter brightness levels, set custom timers, and also change color options between people. 

Even without the application, touch technology on the base allows you to easily turn the lamp on or off, adjust brightness, switch light modes, and change colors. 

A 6-foot-long cord gives you flexibility for where to keep your Friendship Table Lamp, and it plugs into North American sockets.

Key Details

Dimensions: 4.38” L x 4.38” W x 7.88” H
Lamp: LED 
Light colors: 8
Materials: Plastic, metal
Plug Type: North American 100-240V AC
Wifi Connection: 2.4Ghz 
Warranty: 6 Months

The Long Distance Lamps We Love

While each of the options we’ve covered are perfect for strengthening the connection between long distance couples.

Our preferred long distance lamps are those from the team at FILIMIN.

With multiple design options that seamlessly connect to one another. We love that you don’t have to compromise when it comes to finding the right style for each of your homes!

Our personal favorites are the wood-based Mid-Century Modern & Long Distance Frame designs.

For peace of mind, their ‘forever warranty’ (lifetime) is also something to consider. Especially when comparing it to the six and twelve month warranties offered by other manufacturers.

But don’t just take our word for it 🙂

Check out the hundreds of five-star reviews they’ve received across their product range.

Frequently Asked Questions About Friendship & Touch Lamps 

How many friendship lamps can I connect together?

You can connect two or more friendship lamps together. All lamps will be connected by a ‘Group ID’. Unfortunately, you can’t connect to or receive “messages” from more than one group.

How to connect a friendship lamp to Wi-Fi?

Each product will have a slightly different setup process. Some lamps will plug directly into your router, while others require you to use a mobile phone or computer to connect your lamp to the Wi-Fi. You’ll search for the Wi-Fi signal created by the lamp, click on it, and enter your Wi-Fi password to start the connection process

Why is my friendship lamp flashing blue or green?

For FILIMIN lamps, flashing green means that the lamp is searching for Wi-Fi. Flashing blue means that your friendship lamp is connected to a Wi-Fi network, but for some reason, it isn’t able to access anything on the internet. Flashing blue and green means your friendship lamp is too far away from the bridge.

How much data bandwidth do friendship lamps use?

Very little. FILIMIN tested lamps that were touched 18 times a day and found they used 200KB to 300KB a day, which equals 9MB a month at most. 

How to use a friendship lamp?

Here are some creative ways to use a friendship lamp: Touch it as you’re getting ready for bed to say “Good Night.” Tap it in the morning to let your partner know you’re awake. Use it to let someone know you got home safe from work or a night out.  

How much are friendship lamps?

Friendship lamps usually cost between $50 and $100 each depending on the quality, style, and where they are made. That cost is per lamp, and you’ll need to purchase at least two for them to work properly. 

How to make a friendship lamp?

You can make your own friendship lamps with these instructions from Patrick Blesi. You’ll need at least two lamps and several other components. 

It might be cheaper to buy friendship lamps ready to go, but the effort of creating something special for your loved one may be worth the extra cost.

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